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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I finally saw The Blind Side and, yes, it's a must see. I put it off concerned the acting might diminish the story. Not being a huge Sandra Bullock fan! But the Golden Globe nomination made me do it. I must say Bullock was convincing as Leigh Anne Tuohy but she reminded my a little bit of Kathie Lee Gifford. I was mesmerized by Quinton Aaron's performance however. His presence, lumbering sadness, and ability to move through each scene capturing the essence of his character Michael Oher, brought tears to my eyes. Jae Head as SJ Tuohy brings enthusiasm and comic relief to the story. He's a hoot. The film is an inspiring story about a lost boy and a loving family. The personal story of the real Michal Oher emerged as an example Michael Lewis highlighted in his book about football The Blind Side: Evolution of the Game. If you can't get to see it on the big screen, we will order it as soon as it is released on DVD.

Some DVD entertainment ideas.....

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may be getting ready to host overnight guests. If the weather forecast is right for Christmas weekend, we may all be stuck inside again. Be ready to entertain with some good films. For the younger set, we still have videos for that VCR player you still have hooked up to the old television in the guest bedroom or den. Stop by for some good titles: Shrek, Shiloh 2, Iron Will, Jack, Agent Cody Banks, Milo and Otis, Back to the Future, and for the musical lover try My Fair Lady and any of our Shirley Temple movies. For your grown children, try one of my favorite films Bottle Shock or Sideways. If they like wine, they will like these. If your daughter is home for a few days, share a film with her. I can recommend: Cinema Paradiso, Being Julia, or Enchanted April. In any case, enjoy the warmth of family and friends over the holiday season. Stay warm, stay safe and, of course, see a movie.

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