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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who will win!!!

Golden Globe nominees deserve the hype and deserve the viewing. Finally, after a dry spell, some great films have been released. Of the major categories, I've seen several of the nominees: A Young Victoria, Up in the Air, The Inglourious Barterds, The Blind Side, Julie and Julia, and It's Complicated, they all deserve the recognition. Each in its own way draws you in, gets into you cerebral cortex, makes you ask questions. One brings an historical figure to life, another makes a man's confusion real and test machine vs human touch, and another creates a riveting hellish world filled with palpable fear. We admire the courage of a giant of a boy who is rescued from poverty by a might woman, and we laugh out loud about the courage of a woman when dealing with her ex-husband or chopping onions while pursuing the elusive French cuisine. Who will win!

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